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About Your Order

Diet-to-Go is a meal plan service. As a meal plan service, all orders are considered standing orders unless specifically requested otherwise at the time the order is placed (in the comments section of the order form, or by phone). A standing order means your order will be delivered each week until you request the service to be altered, paused or stopped. This can be done online, by phone or by email. Order Change Deadlines apply. 

Cancellations / Refunds

We guarantee the quality of our products and their delivery in good condition. Because we produce a perishable product, we CANNOT accept returned food items. We will promptly credit for any food item or meal that was damaged, spoiled, or impaired as a direct result of shipping or delivery. If you did not like a particular meal, we will credit you for that meal and work with you to replace it on your menu with a substitution. If you are unhappy with the service for any reason and wish to cancel, we will refund the cost of your most recent delivery or shipment including all applicable shipping and delivery costs. If you have placed an order and subsequently decide to cancel the order, you must contact us by the Order Change Deadline. Your credit card will not be charged. 

Stop, Change or Hold

You may stop your order temporarily or permanently, make changes to your meal plan, or re-start your order by contacting via phone, email or online. The Order Change Deadline applies, so please refer to deadline for timing details. Menu Change and Schedule Change forms are available online at and you may email us at or call in changes to 800-743-7546. Please refer to Order Change Deadlines for cut off times.

Order Change Deadlines

Mail Order Customer: FRIDAY 12:00 Noon Eastern Time.

If you receive your order via FedEx shipment, the deadline to stop or change your order is FRIDAY 12:00 Noon Eastern Time (ET).

Local Pickup & Fresh Home Delivery Customers: MONDAY 12:00 Noon Eastern Time.

If you pickup your orders from a local distributor or have them delivered twice weekly, the deadline to stop or change your order for both Tuesday and Friday pickups is by MONDAY 12:00 Noon Eastern Time (ET).

Local Pickup Restrictions

Local customers pick up food from pre-selected locations on both Tuesdays and Fridays after 5pm. Diet-to-Go has contracted with various pickup locations for meal pick up on these specific days. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee meal availability at your location if you attempt to pick up food on days other than Tuesday or Friday. If you will be unable to pick up your meals for a particular delivery, please contact customer service prior to the weekly deadline, and we will make sure not to deliver your meals on that day. If you choose to not pick up the meals once delivered, a refund cannot be issued.  

SMS Policy

By submitting an order or creating an account, you confirm that the information provided is accurate and complete and that you agree to receive email communications, phone calls, and SMS/Text Messages from Diet-to-Go at the numbers provided above, including your wireless numbers if provided. Contact methods may include calls or texts made using automated technology. You understand that your consent is not a condition of purchasing services from the company and that if you wish to order without providing the above consent, you may order by contacting the company directly at 800-743-7546.  


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