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  1. Interview with Diet-to-Go Head Nutritionist

    As Diet-to-Go’s head nutritionist, Rebecca Mohning has spent over a decade making sure that Diet-to-Go meals are up-to-date with current nutrition standards and that Diet-to-Go customers constantly have their nutritional needs met and questions answered.

    As more and more people look into diet delivery services for a healthy, natural solution to convenient weight loss, it’s important to find out exactly why and how they work.

    We caught up with Mohning and asked her…


    The Science Behind Diet-to-Go Meals

    Q: What’s the science behind Diet-to-Go meals?

    A: Good nutrition.

    Diet-to-Go follows the healthy guidelines that all Americans should be following as they prepare their meals and shop for food. That means that not only are the meals inspected by the USDA on a regular basis to ensure they are prepared in a clean, safe environment, but they also follow the dietary guidelines. They have less than 30 percent total calories from fat and less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day.

    Q: Why do they work to promote healthy weight loss?

    A: Portion and calorie-control.

    Most Americans eat more than they should and don’t know how to properly portion their meals, which results in overeating or too many calories. Weight loss is about consuming less calories than your body needs to maintain weight.

    It is best to eat all food groups and not use a fad diet, which restricts major food groups and is impossible to maintain for a long time. Diet-to-Go meals are properly balanced so you remain satisfied after the meal, and this cuts down on the chance of overeating or food cravings.

    Q: Do they work for people who aren’t trying to lose weight, but just want to eat healthy?

    A: Yes.

    The meals are balanced and will meet the daily nutrition gudielines, so you don’t have to be on a weight loss diet to use Diet-to-Go. Because there is a 1,200 calories and a 1,600 calorie plan, you can pick the higher calorie level plan. With these meals and the addition for a snack, the calories will be enough to maintain weight.

    Q: Diet-to-Go meals also work for people with diabetes. Can you explain why?

    A: Diet-to-Go controls carbohydrates and protein.

    Diabetes recommendations involve controlling the number of carbs per meal to better control blood sugar. Diabetics should eat no more than 60 grams of carbs per meal. Diet-to-Go meals keep the carb grams in the safe range for diabetics, and they help them avoid spikes in their blood sugar. The diabetic does not have to worry about counting their carbs and controlling their portions. Diet-to-Go can work for people with both Type I and Type II diabetes. (Diabetics should always consult a physician before going on a diet meal plan.)

    Over the years, customers always have great questions about Diet-to-Go and the best way to lose weight in general. Here are some of the most popular.

    Customer Questions

    Q: Can Diet-to-Go users skip meals for faster weight loss? Is that safe?

    A: No.

    Skipping meals will result in a very low-calorie diet and missed nutrition. Eating too few calories can result in overeating later, binging and poor energy.

    Q: Should people on the Diet-to-Go plan eat meals at any particular time of the day to promote fast weight loss? Why?

    A: Timing of a meal will not promote weight loss, but it is important to avoid going too long in between meals.

    Spreading out meals too far can result in becoming overly hungry and overeating or craving sweets between meal times.

    Q: Is it okay to have snacks between meals? If so, what kinds of snacks do you recommend?

    A: Yes, 100-200 calories snack guidelines work, especially if the gap between meals is more than 4 hours.

    • I recommend higher protein, low-calorie snacks such as string cheese, Greek yogurt, edamame, light cottage cheese, fruits, vegetables, a hard-boiled egg or nuts.

    What are some of Mohning’s own personal methods for staying in-shape and eating right? We asked her…

    Mohning’s Methodology

    Q: What’s your eating schedule like?

    A: I plan my meals in advance so going into each busy week I have my kitchen stocked and I know what I am preparing for dinner each night. I don’t want too much variety. It’s easier to stay on-track without too many options.

    Q: Why types of foods do you eat (or not eat) on a regular basis?

    A: I remain pretty consistent with my breakfast and lunch options each weekday.
    I always make sure I have protein-based snacks in between meals so I can keep up my energy and not get too hungry.

    Q: Do you have any favorite fitness routines?

    A: Weight lifting 2 times a week. It involves a quick full-body, no-rest routine with free weights and exercise bands. Time is always an issue so I don’t waste one minute with my routine.

    Mohning also offers some great perspective when it comes to trends in weight loss, combating obesity and people’s general attitudes about changing their lives.

    Weight Loss Today

    Q: What is the biggest health problem facing Americans today?

    A: Lack of activity and poor food choices. Everything that sucks out time during the day involves sitting.

    Q: How can Americans overcome lack of activity?

    A: We have to bust out and be creative. Standing at your desk or while on the phone are examples of how to get more movement.

    Q: Why do Americans make poor food choices?

    A: With many distractions for time, we don’t take time out to select healthy foods and get trapped wit the abundance of on-the-go processed foods that surround us all day long. We will never have the time that we feel is necessary to dedicate to healthy eating and living, but we have to choose to make it a priority in the limited time we have each day.

    Q: How can Diet-to-Go help with those problems?

    A: Diet-to-Go offers the solution by allowing customers the opportunity to fit healthy eating easily into their busy lifestyle.

    Q: What are the 3 best thing about Diet-to-Go when it comes to helping people make a lifestyle change?


    1. Diet-to-Go teaches portion control.
    2. The “healthy” food is tasty so it becomes a lesson that healthy foods have flavor and can be enjoyable.
    3. Losing weight is easy when you make the right food choices.


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go community manager and an avid runner. She is passionate about engaging with others online and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes moderation is key, and people will have the most weight loss success if they engage in common-sense healthy eating and fitness.

    Nutrition Science
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