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  1. Tips to Stay on Track While You Travel

    Tips to Stay on Track While You Travel

    The busy holiday traveling season is right around the corner.

    And, if you’re like the millions of Americans who plan on hopping on a plane and heading home for the holidays or on a vacation, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your weight loss goals.

    It's not impossible to stay committed to your healthy eating and fitness routine event when your bags are packed and you're ready to go.

  2. 3 Expert Ways to Make Those Healthy Habits Stick

    3 Expert Ways to Make Those Healthy Habits Stick

    Sometimes bad habits are created when we are young and unless we choose to change them, are hardwired to last a lifetime. Those old routines can sometimes feel impossible to override while attempting to create healthier habits.

    Here are 3 simple ways to incorporate new healthier habits into your daily life while kicking those old ones to the curb! 

  3. 5 Methods to Stop Nighttime Snacking in Its Tracks

    5 Methods to Stop Nighttime Snacking in Its Tracks

    Ah, the late night snack — 9 p.m. rolls around, you find yourself a bit bored, mindlessly wandering into the kitchen, opening the cupboard or fridge and grabbing a handful of chips or a cookie.

    For many of us, it’s a familiar routine.

    Nighttime eating or snacking is a tough habit to break, but we can help you make a change!

  4. 7 Foolproof Ways to Reach Your Daily Step Goal

    7 Foolproof Ways to Reach Your Daily Step Goal

    The most critical component of weight loss is eating a clean, healthy diet that controls for calorie and portion control. If you’re leveraging one of Diet-to-Go’s healthy meal plans, you’re already on your way to losing weight and seeing results.* But fitness is a big part of it too. One great way to get active is by setting and focusing on a daily step goal.

  5. This is the Secret to Losing Weight

    This is the Secret to Losing Weight

    It’s Sunday evening. Your pants feel tight. You’re not loving what you see in the mirror. You’re not feeling great about your choices that past weekend. You think to yourself, “You know what, it’s time. I’m going to lose weight and get my life back under control.”

  6. Diet Got You Bored? 10 Changes You Need to Make

    Diet Got You Bored? 10 Changes You Need to Make

    Your diet…when it was all shiny and new, things were going great! But now that the initial excitement has faded a bit, or after months of repetition, you’re just plain bored. No worries. It happens to the best of us. Don’t throw in the towel! Try these changes to reinvigorate your efforts and bring new zest to your healthy lifestyle!

  7. 25 Fantastic Non-Food Diet Rewards

    25 Fantastic Non-Food Diet Rewards

    One of the best ways to motivate yourself along the way to your goal is with awesome rewards! But it doesn't make much sense to reward yourself for avoiding splurges like ice cream by celebrating over a pint of brownie batter, does it? (This is the part where you enthusiastically agree - I know <groan>).

    While brownie batter is not a great reward for sticking to your plan (boo), THESE ARE! Check out these fantastic, Diet-to-Go-approved, non-food rewards for reaching your next milestone.

  8. 7 Movies to Watch for Weight Loss Inspiration

    7 Movies to Watch for Weight Loss Inspiration

    We know that movies are a great way to stay entertained, and that they’re perfect for curling up on the couch with a healthy snack and relaxing on a Friday night.

    Believe it or not, movies can also be a place to find inspiration for our weight loss journeys — as long as we know what to look for.

  9. 9 Small, Totally Doable Things You Can do to Lose Weight Faster

    9 Small, Totally Doable Things You Can do to Lose Weight Faster

    You’ve met them. The co-worker juicing for a month straight. The cousin who works out two hours a day. The friend who’s always on the latest (and weirdest) Hollywood regimen.

    They’re all going to the extremes to lose weight – and the thing is? They’re doing it all wrong.

  10. 5 Weird and Wacky Fitness Trends to Turn Your Head (or Stomach)

    5 Weird and Wacky Fitness Trends to Turn Your Head (or Stomach)

    It’s a new year, and that means a whole lot of new weird and wacky trends popping up online promising you new ways to lose weight and get fit and healthy. Some of them aren’t too bad, but others are way out in left field.

    Here are five of the most outlandish, which are sure to gain some serious popularity in the coming year.

  11. Lose Weight! From Goals to Success in 4 Steps

    Lose Weight! From Goals to Success in 4 Steps

    We all have different reasons for wanting to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, but we all have one thing in common. Whether we are looking to lose a little or a lot, to get ready for an event or to maintain a life-long healthy diet, setting proper goals is essential to our success.

    Without proper goals (and the tools to stick to them) we’ll never get where we want. Have you set a SMART weight-loss goal? And are you documenting your progress to stay on track? Here’s how to get started:


  12. A Guide to Success With the Balance Menu

    A Guide to Success With the Balance Menu

    Congratulations on Your Selection of Our Balance Meal Plan! The Balance Menu is our most popular plan and was developed by nutritionists and chefs to not only be healthy and delicious, but is also proven to help you lose weight!

  13. How to Boost Your Metabolism & Accelerate Weight Loss

    Everyone wants a faster metabolism, right? Faster metabolism = more calorie burn = weight loss. Forget what might be slowing you down - here's a metabolism-boosting checklist that will get you burning calories in no time!

  14. 5 Most Common Cravings and How to Beat Them

    Craving chocolate or red meat all the time? Worried that these cravings are really indications of nutrient deficiencies and not just lapses in your willpower? Decode your cravings and learn how to make healthy choices when you...

  15. Starting a Diet? Answering These 7 Questions Will Set You Up for Success

    Have you come to the point where you are saying, “Enough is enough! I have to lose weight!” Dropping excess weight will help your health and your self-esteem but without adequate planning and resolve, it can be tough to do. Dieting success starts with seven questions.

  16. Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Another "Diet"

    Thoughts like “I’m too fat” and “I hate my thighs” can easily overcome any positive feelings we have about our bodies. Ask yourself these three questions before you start trying to lose weight to amp up your likelihood for success.

  17. 10 Tips For Beating Unhealthy Temptations

    One of the hardest things about making changes to your diet is trying to fight the temptation that comes with eating healthier. If you are celebrating a birthday, you’ll want to enjoy a piece of cake. If it is Thanksgiving, you’ll want a piece (or two) of pie. These are situations that will come up often enough that you have to have a plan in place of how to skip the foods that temp you. Doing small things like identifying your temptations, drinking more water and being accountable to yourself can make big changes. 

  18. New Year, New Lifestyle: Top Tips for Making it Last

    We're giving away 1,000 meals this month - and we're doing it because we know that your New Year's resolution to lose weight can go a lot further than just a couple months. In fact, here are the top tips to make choices that will last a lifetime! Plus, enter here for your chance to win!

  19. 5 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Health

    Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the health and nutrition information you hear every day, start by making a few easy changes to your diet that will pay off down the road. Here are 5 things you can start doing today that will lead to improved health in your future.

  20. The 100 Most Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers

    Check out our list of the top 100 most inspirational weight loss bloggers of 2013. These are authentic people. They're people who know exactly what it feels like to be in your position. And they're people who are succeeding every single day at the journey you're on too. Whether you're someone who has just made the commitment to lose the weight, a blogger who also shares your own journey towards a healthy lifestyle, a person who likes to read about the triumphs of others, whoever... these blogs are the best. 

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