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  1. Man Uses Diet-to-Go to Shed 100+ Pounds Ahead of Hip Surgery

    Name: Rodney Arnold
    Age: 73
    Occupation: Retired Code Enforcement Officer
    Meal Plan: Keto-Carb30/Mediterranean
    Favorite Meal: Short Ribs
    Start Date: November 2022
    Starting Weight: 365
    Height: 6
    Pounds Lost: 105
    When I get a craving, my go-to trick: A Honeycrisp apple

    For many people, a medical scare is the catalyst for making a big life change. That was certainly the case for 73-year-old Rodney Arnold, a retired Sacramento code enforcement officer from Hawaii who has shed more than 100 pounds with Diet-to-Go.

    "My hips are pretty much shot, and I found out I had to have hip surgery," Rodney said, remembering a doctor's visit in late 2022. "They wouldn't touch me unless I lost a lot of weight and my BMI was 30."

    Rodney said that was the push he needed to commit to dropping to 250 from his then-current 360-pound weight — a change he needed to make to return to his former lifestyle that brought him the fulfillment he desired in his retirement.

    'I'd love to get back to it'

    When Rodney retired in 2008, he and his wife spent time touring the western United States in their RV. He golfed. He swam. He played with his 10 grandchildren. He walked his dog. He wore his favorite Hawaiian shirts.

    "Part of the problem is I can't step without support," he said. "I have to use the walker. Because of [that], we sold the motor home and stay in a home."

    Rodney added that his immobility severely limits his ability to enjoy any activities he loves.

    "During summer, we have a pool," he said. "Since I can't put pressure on my leg all summer, I trod water for an hour daily. But in the winter, there's no pool, no exercise, no way to work out."

    Having the hip surgery—something only possible if he lost weight—was vital for Rodney to return to the things he loves. However, Rodney said that not exercising or being able to move initially made his weight loss extremely challenging.

    "I dropped to 1,000 calories a day," he said. Experts recommend eating a minimum of 1,200 calories a day to avoid going into starvation mode, which can ultimately negatively impact weight loss."

    'The selection is incredible'

    Rodney knew eating just 1,000 calories a day wasn't sustainable. He and his wife, Donna, began researching weight-loss meal plans.*

    "We came across Diet-to-Go, and the meal variety, their selection, really appealed to me. That's why I chose it," Rodney said.

    Enjoying his wife's delicious cooking and wine in large portions played a significant role in Rodney's weight gain, so he said variety and taste were essential to ensuring a successful diet and weight loss plan.

    "It was easier to let that go because Diet-to-Go food was so tasty," he said.

    'The customer service is outstanding'

    Rodney also found that Diet-to-Go's customer service supported his goals.

    "Everyone is so willing to accommodate your requests," he said. When I wanted to switch two meals a day or when I got too many breakfasts, they said, 'no problem,' and fixed the issue," he said.

    Rodney added that the Diet-to-Go online portal makes it straightforward to substitute meals and understand his weekly nutrition.

    "I'm minimally tech-savvy; I get myself into trouble if I get too into technology," Rodney laughed. “[The portal]. speaks to the way Diet-to-Go is organized. It's easy for an old person like me to use."


    'Pain is a great motivator'

    Rodney said one of the most significant things that's kept him on track since he started with Diet-to-Go in November 2022 is the end goal of achieving the necessary BMI to make hip replacement surgery a reality.

    "There wasn't much doubt because of my goal," he said. "I had to lose weight. I had to get my BMI down. Pain is a great motivator. ," In March, he did just that.

    "At first, I was very scared of my weight and realized that my BMI had to be 30 or below before surgery. But, I met that BMI," Rodney said, adding that his surgery is now scheduled for May 2024.

    Rodney said his physical therapist and other medical professionals have been amazed at his achievements.

    "I went into different doctor's appointments along the way, and they saw my weight loss and were very impressed, Rodney said.

    The results are something he wholeheartedly credits to leveraging Diet-to-Go.

    "​​The meals have been prepared and planned, which was the most critical issue," Rodney said. "It took all the thinking of what to do and what to make out of the picture. You did all the prep, work [and] the meal planning, and it made it very easy to stay on the diet."

    'I'm much more aware.'

    Rodney plans on sticking with Diet-to-Go until he reaches his goal of 250 pounds and gets both hips replaced.

    "After that, I can get more physically active and be able to burn calories for the food intake,"
    Rodney said. "Having Diet-to-Go meals, I'm also much more aware of portion control [and] much more balanced. I've gotten used to having cauliflower [and] broccoli. I plan to be much more aware of those things."

    He's enjoying little victories like fitting back into his favorite clothing for now.
    "I was born in Hawaii. I'm a Hawaiin shirt, shorts, and flip-flops guy," Rodney said. "I had to pack away my Aloha shirts for a while, but now I can wear many of them again. I missed that. I'm proud I get to wear those shirts that I'd thought I'd have to give up forever."


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go community manager and an avid runner. She is passionate about engaging with others online and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes moderation is key, and people will have the most weight loss success if they engage in common-sense healthy eating and fitness.


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