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  1. Our Free Week of Food Winner (you too have a chance at winning!)

    Meet Raegan, a 30-year-old payroll clerk for a California electrical contractor. Raegan is the random winner of the free week of Diet-to-Go food we gave away after reaching the 1,500 "fans" milestone on our Facebook page.

    Before we attained our 1,500th fan, I chose the number 373 as the lucky slot for our winner. When we passed 1,500, I opened our "See All fans" page and started counting from one to 373... when I stopped counting, there was Raegan looking back at me!

    I contacted Raegan through her Facebook account and her initial trepidation and doubt soon gave way to excitement and joy. Once Customer Service got her delivery information and her choice of meal plans (she chose vegetarian over low-fat and low-carb), Raegan was soon in the business of eating great and feeling good.

    Now that she has had a week to enjoy her foods, Raegan sat down and answered a few questions about the Diet-to-Go experience.


    1) What did you think when you won our Facebook prize?

    What did i think? I was hesitant. I figured that it was a scam, and then I decided I would move forward and if any credit card information was asked for then I would not do it.


    2) What did you feel when you opened the package of food?

    I felt EXCITED and AMAZED. I could not wait to taste all the food. I was shocked about no cans. I loved that it all looked very fresh.


    3) What made you become a fan of Diet-to-Go on facebook?

    A friend suggested it and then I looked at it and liked the articles.


    4) What foods have you liked the most from your free week?

    I really loved the Breakfast Pizza! The Black Bean and Feta Cheese Wrap was yummy, too. Oh, and the Spinach Quesadilla was also great!


    5) Is this a diet you think you could follow -- and will you give it a shot some time?

    This is totally a diet that I could follow and I do plan to give it a try soon!


    6) What will you tell your friends about the experience?

    I will tell my friends about the ease of the program, the freshness of the meals, and the yummyness of the food!


    7) So why did you choose vegetarian over low-fat or low-carb?

    I am actually not a full vegetarian. I was and then started to eat meat now and then. I am just a way too picky eater. I don't eat meat on a bone. I don't eat pork or lamb or fish and I am allergic to shellfish. I also don't eat much red meat so it is easier to go with a vegetarian plan.

    You Too Can Win a Free Week of Food!

    Thank you Raegan. We're so glad you are a fan of Diet-to-Go and that you thoroughly enjoyed your free week of meals!

    Be sure to become a Facebook fan for your chance to win a free week of Diet-to-Go meals.

    We'll be picking a random winner as soon as we hit the 2,000-fan mark. And we're just about at 1,600 fans right now!

    Be sure to get all your friends to sign up soon. The winner will be picked totally at random so don't wait until we get near 2,000 to click that "Like" button!

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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