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  1. Your Secret Weapon for Diet Success

    You are what you eat. Eat too much junk and chances are you'll have too much junk in your trunk. Eat good foods and odds are you'll have good health and a better body.

    Today's blog has the word "secret" in its title but there really isn't any secret to slimming. You have to eat right, keep your calories in check and watch portion sizes -- even when feasting on the so-called "healthy" foods. Oh, and it sure helps to mix in a little activity.

    Diet-to-Go registered dietitian Rebecca Mohning contributed the following to our January newsletter. If you haven't read it, do so now and see how nutrition is the key to better weight and better health.

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    Nutrition: Your Secret Weapon for Diet Success

    by Rebecca Mohning, DTG Registered Dietitian

    Start off the New Year by making nutrition your secret weapon for diet success.

    The most common myth about weight loss is that all you need to do is exercise in order to lose weight. Exercise is an integral piece to the weight-loss puzzle, but it certainly does not stand alone. Eating right is actually more important for weight loss than exercise alone.

    The best weight-loss prescription, of course, is to do both-watch what you eat and exercise regularly.

    These tips can help you get maximum results for weight loss success.

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